Painter, Sculptor, Designer, Instructor In Art Education

My Story

Sevestet,when she completed her studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Istanbul, she was already asisting her professor Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu in public artworks. She already had the vision of being out in the world, to study the various cultures that make up our unique planet, reaching out to the unknown...... She had to start for a long trip.

When she made plans to explore the Americas, the world was shaken with revolutinary awakening...

Studying in New york she came to realization,this is her awakening,to be able stand on her own feet....

Within years she started to accomplish her real dream,to travel to latin america,to indiginous cultures,to the lands have been colonized in centruies,Aztecs,Mayans,Moshe......

After the loss of her professor,Bedri Rahmi,and her father,being a full support in her upbringing,she has made to remain in Newyork.

While she was on her masters in art education,she and her thirty two artist friends has formed artist run,cooperative gallery,in Soho. She has always believed,Art is an universal language,her role as an artist should reflect the social and humanitarian values in their creative art work. Sevestet had several trips to south america,to Latin world to the caribbean islands.To the land of natives,indigenous cultures. She has experienced the every aspects of their creative world,form of expression,once were suppressed by colonial cultures,and how they regained their freedom. Her exposure to the world of mural artists,like Rivera,Orozco,Siquierios,has helped her art can be created in large scale,with revolutinary ideas,and were created on the surfaces of public places,like,schools,hospitals,supreme court buldings.......

Sevestet,the main subjects of her work construction,deconstruction,sharing,confusion,rise,reconstruction, renewal, despair and hope....

When you observe her work,first you get atrracted to her immense color scheme,than you will realize there is an deep expression of the difficult era that we are living now.

Her lifelong goal has been to bring to light the various economic,social and political struggles that we experience in our lives,using art to facilitate these expressions on different medium.

And last,her desire,imagining a world without borders,is probably result of her longing for freedom.


Güzel Sanatlar Akademisi Resim Bölümü MFA Istanbul 1964-1969
School of Interior Design New York City, Amerika 1971-1972
School of Visualarts New York City, Amerika 1972
New York Üniversity MFA New York, Amerika 1973-1975